I am a lifelong photographer.  I bought my first little camera when I was about nine with some saved allowance and a little help from Mom.  I remember showing her the little instamatic in TG&Y and persuading her that I needed it.  It used 110 film and cost about $7.99.   (I have it right here on my desk, more than 40 years later.)  I loved having my own camera and became the family photographer.  I entered some 4H photography contests, took many, many photos of friends, pets, trees, whatever I could find, and eventually worked as a photographer in college.  After college came career, kids, houses, moves, PTA boards, and Girl Scout troops.  I worked as a clinical laboratory scientist, an operations manager for a touring opera company, and in a public health agency.  And, I was still the family photographer.  When I started volunteering with North high school theatre, I fell in love with the beautiful lighting and captured moments of theatre photography.  


Mimi, my first photography subject