I am a lifelong photographer. I got my first camera when I was about nine. I remember showing my mom the little instamatic in the dime store and persuading her that I needed it.  It used 110 film and cost about $7.99.  I loved having my own camera and became the family photographer. I entered some 4H photography contests, took many, many photos of friends, pets, trees, whatever I could find, and eventually worked as a photographer in college. 

After college came a career in the hospital laboratory, kids, cross-country moves, PTA boards, and Girl Scout troops. I worked as a clinical laboratory scientist, an operations manager for a touring opera company, and in a public health agency. And, I was still the family photographer. When I started volunteering with Appleton North High School theatre, I fell in love with the beautiful lighting and frozen moments of theatre photography.  

Now, I'm back to photography! My focus is senior portrait photography, theatre and performance photography, and engagement photography. Check out my portfolio page and contact me with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Three of my favorite things: travel, photography, and my hubby of 33+ years <3. He will be along on most shoots to help with lighting, carry stuff, and be generally supportive!